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Things to Do in Indianapolis

Introducing Indianapolis

Not just another Rust Belt city in the Midwest, Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, is the Racing Capital of the World, famous for hosting the Indianapolis 500 and the Allstate 400 every year. The nation’s 13th largest city, Indianapolis is home to nine institutions of higher education—which accounts for the vibrant nightlife and sophisticated cultural offerings available throughout the city. Indianapolis is also host to many sporting events and also has a wide array of attractions, dining options and festivals that make it a warm place to call home and a nice place to visit.

Events in Indianapolis

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Situation Grey

at Vogue Theatre

Reunion Show of the VERY popular early 90s cover band Situation Grey. Powered by: IU Alumni


The Meatball Band - Final Show

at Vogue Theatre

Indianapolis advertising executives Jim England, Dan Roman and Jack O'Hara formed the Meatball Band in January of 1980. The original band performed at…


Reeves Gabrels and His Imaginary Friends

at Radio Radio

Reeves Gabrels (b.1956) is an American guitarist, currently touring internationally with The Cure (since summer 2012), one of Britain's best-known alt…

Places in Indianapolis

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